Important Whitelist Update

New Entry for All Customers Maintaining a Domain Whitelist

We are announcing a new essential entry for all customers who use content filtering or individually whitelist web domains for school networks. 

The site to add is: *

We realize that adding a new site during the school year is inconvenient, but has been initiated in response to a proactive security audit by Agilix as a way to increase security. This is not due to any type of incident or breach in security, but rather part of an upgrade to put us "ahead of the curve." 

The date for when this entry will be required for use of the program will be announced shortly, but we highly recommend that you add this entry to your whitelist immediately so that there is no interruption to service for your staff and student users. 

If you have any questions about this new whitelist update or how it might impact you, please contact SchoolsPLP Support and we'll be glad to help.