Submit an Assignment through a Submission Box

Click the following link for a step-by-step guide: Submitting Assignments

How-To Video

1. When you log into SchoolsPLP you will see your Student Dashboard. The Overview Tab shows the courses you are currently enrolled in. To access the course, click the Work on this course link that displays the pencil icon 


2. You can click the dropdown links on the right-hand side to work on your assignments, which is under the Lesson dropdown list.

3. Scroll down the page to access the submission box for your assignment. You can write in the submission box and use the toolbar features, as well as upload documents using the plus sign. To submit an assignment, click the Submit my work button.

4.Once you have uploaded your assignment, you will receive the following message:

5. You are able to resubmit until the teacher scores your submission. After it is scored, your instructor will need to Allow Retry in the gradebook for you to revise your submission.