Student Progress

Student Parent Guide

A student's progress and latest activity is all available on the home page at a glance, and is quickly discerned when you know where to look. There are progress bars for each course assigned to the student, and each has three sections. The light gray bar equals 100% of the time allotted for finishing the course, the dark gray bar represents where the student should be in the course currently, and the colored bar shows the actual progress, being either green, orange, or red, depending on whether the student is on track, falling behind, or far behind. 

Overall progress for all courses is shown by the bar and letter grades in the upper right corner of the screen. The Latest Activity column shows all the recent work from the student with course information and time/date stamps, as well as how much time was spent on each item. 

The Report Card tab gives extensive information about all aspects of a student's progress in each course, including when each course was assigned and when it's due, the letter and percentage grade, the hours logged working on each course, the number of finished and unfinished lessons, as well as the total number of lessons in the course, and more.

The Daily Activity tab will show you the times that the student was logged into the system for each day. You can use the links for  Show a different period and Download CSV to change the time period being displayed and to download a file containing all the relevant information.

The Messages tab shows conversations and messages from teachers, and is the hub where the student communicates.