New eDynamic Learning Electives Available


New eDynamic Learning elective courses are now available for all subscribed users in SchoolsPLP

Here is the list of courses that have been added to your eDynamic Learning catalog of master courses:

  • Early Childhood Education 1b: Developing Early Learners
  • Early Childhood Education 1a: Introduction
  • Digital Photography 1b Creating Images with Impact!
  • Astronomy 1b: Exploring the Universe
  • Digital Photography 1a: Introduction
  • Astronomy 1a: Introduction
  • Journalism 1b: Investigating the Truth
  • Journalism 1a: Introduction
  • Public Speaking 1b: Finding Your Voice
  • Public Speaking 1a: Introduction
  • Biotechnology 1b: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets
  • Biotechnology 1a: Introduction
  • Culinary Arts 1b: Finding Your Palate
  • Culinary Arts 1a: Introduction
  • Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming
  • Middle School Career Exploration 1: Charting Your Path
  • American Sign Language 2b: Advancing Communication Skills
  • Coding 1b: Programming
  • Middle School Career Exploration 2
  • Peer Counseling
  • Middle School Coding 1b: Learning Python and Javascript
  • American Sign Language 2a: Communicating
  • Middle School Game Design 1b: Creating a Game
  • Cosmetology 3b: Waving, Coloring, and Advancing Hair Skills
  • Cosmetology 3a: Introduction to Hair Skills
  • Reading and Writing for Purpose
  • Hospitality and Tourism 2b: Hotel and Restaurant Management

All of the new courses may be used immediately to create new sections for your students. If you have any questions about what is available for your school, please contact your SchoolsPLP sales representative or SchoolsPLP Support.