Can We Use the Game Design Courses with Chromebooks?

There are several Game Design courses available from our partner publisher, eDynamic Learning, including the following: Middle School Game Design 1a: Introduction, Middle School Game Design 1b: Building a Game, Game Design 1a: Introduction, and Game Design 1b: Creating a Game. For the most part, these courses can be accomplished by students using only a Chromebook, but please review the course thoroughly to ensure that all required materials are available to students before enrolling them in the course. However, there is an exception to this rule found in the high school course Game Design 1b: Creating a Game, specifically in Unit 2 Go 3D! This requires a free program called Blender to build 3D models, and Blender cannot be downloaded and used with Chromebooks.  It is not recommended to assign this course to students who are using Chromebooks exclusively. 

However, if a teacher would like to substitute a similar program instead of Blender for the 3D assignments, there is a web-based program found at that can be used with Chromebooks. Specific instructions and content will need to be updated or added by the teacher in order to make this substitution, but it is a workaround for students with Chromebooks who are enrolled in Game Design 1b: Creating a Game. 

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