Time Tracking in SchoolsPLP - How It Works

There are various reports available in SchoolsPLP that show student time spent. Here is some additional information on how the time tracking works:

  • Daily Activity Tab / Minutes Worked is logging time with a lesson open in some course. It doesn’t count time sending and receiving messages or moving between courses. This can include idle time if a student walks away from the computer or goes to a different site with the lesson open. In that case, work time will be counted until the idle timeout kicks the student off.
  • Daily Activity  Tab/ Login Sessions show the time from logging into the system until logging out or being timed out from inactivity. Suppose a student finishes working on one course and takes a bathroom break before starting another course. The student is still logged in, but won’t be earning Minutes Worked since no lesson is open during the break.
  • Daily Activity  Tab/ Hours Logged In (total at the bottom of the chart) sums up the total time in Login Sessions, so it should always be larger than the total of Minutes Worked.
  • Assignment Details Page / Total Minutes is like the Minutes Worked under Daily Activity – it counts time when that particular assignment is open. But it shows all time with that lesson open on any day, so it may not match any single day’s Minutes Worked.

Some things to note are that the time totals in the Assignment Details can include time from multiple days if a student works on an activity over several days. For instance, if a student works on an assignment on the 18th and 19th, then finishes it on the 20th, the Assignment Details will give a total number of minutes that assignment was accessed over all three days, not just the time that it was actually finished on the 20th.

If you have further questions about the time tracking reports or need assistance with a particular issue, please contact support@schoolsplp.com.

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