How to Preview Course Content

There are several ways to preview course content in SchoolsPLP as a teacher. First, you can preview any part of the course syllabus from the Editor (this requires at least Teacher privileges for that course or school-wide course privileges). From the course page, click the Course Setup link in the upper right-hand corner.

You will then be in Setup mode for the course, and can now click the link to Open the Course Editor in a New Tab.

The second way to access the course editor is from the Learning Plan tab.  From the course page, click on the Learning Plan Tab then click Edit Course Content.

From the Editor, you can select any item in the course and click the 3-dot context menu to open more choices. 

Choose Preview from that list.

The Preview will take you to the Activity Player for that item, where you can explore it in the same view as a student. You can also continue to navigate the course from there using the right-hand navigation pane.

Gradebook Course Preview Mode:

If you are already in the Gradebook for a course, and want to Preview content without going to Setup mode or the Editor, you can click into any grade or empty space in the column of the activity you want to Preview.

The Grade Editor will come up for that item (it doesn't matter whether there is any content from the student there or not), and you can click the link for the title of that item in the top left of the Grade Editor, which brings it up in the Activity Player, so you can view the content like a student.

Using this method, you will not be able to continue exploring other items within the course since the right-hand navigation pane will not be shown, but you can use your browser's Back button to return to the Grade Editor when you are through viewing the content, and then close it using the "X" button to return to the Gradebook.