How to Request a Student Transfer

How to request a student transfer from one school to another school within your district

Click the orange Need Help? tab on the right side of the screen inside SchoolsPLP to message us or email us at with the information below:

  •          The name of the student and their username
  •          The name of the student’s current school
  •          The name of the school the student should be transferred to

Do you need to transfer the student’s active enrollments as well? If Yes, send us this information:

  •          The name(s) of the active course enrollment(s) that should move with the student to course sections at the new school. Note: Only active enrollments will move. If you would like a complete or archived enrollment to move, please un-archive and/or update the enrollment status to active, as well as ensure that the completion date for it has not already passed.
  •          The name(s) of the new course section(s) that the student’s enrollments should move to. For example, “please move the enrollment to Algebra 1A - Miller Period 1 or Algebra 1A - Jones Period 2.”

Things to check before a student can be transferred:

  •          Is the student account active?
  •          If course enrollments should also move, are they active and within the completion date range?
  •          If needed, is there a matching course section at the new school to accommodate the transfer?

An example transfer request for a student with three active enrollments might look something like this:

“Please transfer Keith Jones, username kjones4133, from School A over to School B, along with all his enrollments. The CR Algebra 1B should go to CR Algebra 1B – Computer Lab, English 2A – Williams P2 should go to English 2A – Terry_P4, and Chemistry A goes to Chemistry A – Finch P3.”

What happens to the student’s non-active enrollments (completed, archived, etc.) that are not transferred?

Non-active student enrollments (completed, withdrawn, or archived, etc.) are still connected to the student, even if their completed enrollments are not transferred to sections at the receiving school. This historical data will always remain with the student. There is no need to transfer those enrollments to the receiving school unless the student needs to continue to work on them. If the student does need to continue working on a non-active enrollment, please un-archive the enrollment and/or edit the course enrollment to active. Also check that the enrollment end date has not expired and edit the end date if needed.

You can download these instructions as PDF document at this link: Transfer Instructions for SchoolsPLP

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