Servers, capacity levels, redundancy (site, system, power, access, etc.), SAN, load balancing, throughput, performance, latency, access bandwidth, etc.

Production database has 30 days of daily snapshots. Most data is versioned allowing inspection of changed history and restoration of specific versions. Recommended minimum download speed is 1.5Mb

Servers are scalable to any capacity. Database server auto-scaling occurs within 5 minutes of system needs approaching the set parameters for scaling. AWS cloud servers are load balanced and redundant across the AWS availability zone in which they are located. Throughput is high and can be increased quickly based upon current needs. Latency is low, and both latency and throughput are monitored, with averages of only a few milliseconds.


In the last 5 years, our percentage of uptime has been greater than 99.9%.  Often our availability is more than 99.99%.