Two Ways to Enroll Students Inside SchoolsPLP

Enrolling Students into Courses Inside SchoolsPLP

There are two ways to enroll students in SchoolsPLP courses:

1. Manual Enrollment

Click on the course title and Course Setup… and click the button to Assign More Students. Type the beginning of each student’s first or last name in the filter then put a checkmark next to a student’s name needing to be enrolled in the course. Delete the filter and type the next student’s name, add a checkmark, and continue. The students who are selected are saved while you filter/search for additional students.

It is best practice to select about 10 students and Save then select more students to ensure if you need to step away and are logged out for being idle, you do not lose your work.

2. Enrollment Spreadsheet Upload

Click on Your Schools, then School Setup, then click on the Spreadsheets tab.

Download the Template for New Enrollment

Use this Template for New Enrollments and create rows for each student that you want to upload into the course. Below is a sample upload for a course entitled CV 1P Biology 2. Create a row for each student needing to be enrolled in the course and enter the student’s SchoolsPLP login in column D.

For the date rows F and G, the dates must be changed to YYYY-MM-DD format before upload. Save the file as a .csv and Choose File then Upload.

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