Tech Requirements for Students

SchoolsPLP supports all devices with the following operating systems:  

  • Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Chromebooks, and Android.

SchoolsPLP supports the following browsers accessible on computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and cell phones: 

  • Google Chrome (latest 2 versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest 2 versions)
  • Apple Safari (latest 2 versions)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest 2 versions)
  • Screen size: Minimum width of 1024 px

Students will need to use some of the following basic technology skills when working in SchoolsPLP: 

  • Mouse/pointer skills such as clicking, highlighting, and moving to specific parts of pages and buttons
  • Opening and closing browser windows and tabs
  • Basic keyboarding and typing
  • Reading and following instructions (except for Pre-K and K content)
  • Following links in the interface and course content
  • Logging in and out
  • Utilizing play buttons for audio and video players, volume controls, headphones/speakers where appropriate