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Managing A Course Learning Plan

A Learning Plan allows you to manage a course’s scheduling and personalization with just a few clicks. Some of the features you can manage are

  • Student Visibility/Remove from Learning Plan--can students see it?
  • Release--can students work on it?
  • Pacing--when is it due?


The course schedule is controlled by

  • Choosing release dates: students can’t begin work on an assignment before its release date.
  • Assigning due dates: if an assignment has a due date, students must complete it by that date.
  • Removing items from the plan: items removed from the plan are invisible to students and have no effect on their grades or pacing.


Pacing in courses is determined by three factors.

  • Course length:  SchoolsPLP knows how much content the course contains and will measure and provide suggested pace dates so that students can apportion their time to finish the course by the scheduled end.
  • Start/End dates: SchoolsPLP considers when a course starts and finishes, and will provide a suggested pace based on the start and end dates.
  • Weight: SchoolsPLP realizes that certain activities with high weight are high stakes and will provide some extra time to items that have greater weight.


In a continuous course, SchoolsPLP provides suggested pace dates. However, if an instructor wishes to assign specific dates for certain activities for individual students or groups, they can uncheck the auto pacing box, and enter a teacher created due date. Once the instructor's due dates have been set, the program will redistribute auto pacing for all other activities.

Any gradebook object that can be completed will accrue a pace/due date.

For all the details about course scheduling, check out this article.


Different students need different plans. The Students & Groups drop-down makes personalization easy. Define the basic framework for everyone in the course, then adjust it for any student. If you’ve set up student groups in the course editor, you can select the group and apply changes only to that group. All the students enrolled in the course appear in the list under Students.

For all the details about personalization, check out this article.

Where can I find it?

The Learning Plan tab is in your course screen right next to the Gradebook tab.